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Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Tips to Prevent Disputes

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we have represented brokers, agents, and purchasers of commercial property.  It is common to have disagreements over real estate negotiations because disagreeing is part of the bargaining process.  Sometimes the buyer disagrees about the purchase price with the seller.  The other time, sellers disagree about whether they owe a broker…

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Federal Prosecutors to Facilitate Investigation of Illegal Migrants in Border Districts

Crackdown on Illegal Migrants in Border Districts

New Policies Asking for Harsher Penalties for Illegal Entry Previously, illegal entry cases have been charged as misdemeanors.  In a recent memo to U.S.attorneys nationwide, Jeff Sessions, the U.S. attorney general, urges prosecutors to charge repeat illegal entry cases as felonies.  Similarly, the memo urges federal prosecutors to prioritize immigration-related cases.  The Trump administration argues that the…

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