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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Mediation vs. Arbitration

Alternative Dispute Resolution Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is another way to settle disputes that do not require litigation. Arbitration and Mediation are two types ADR. Arbitration is the process for resolving disputes outside of a court using neutral third parties. Although mediation is essentially the same thing, there is a difference. Mediators usually have no authoritative…

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Florida’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act: Remedies for Creditors

A fraudulent transfer occurs when the debtor conveys title of his or her real or personal property to a third party with intent to hinder a creditor from collecting.  Consequently, Florida’s Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act (FUFTA) provides remedies for creditors against fraudulent transferees. Remedies Avoidance of the Transfer:  An avoidance of the transfer allows a creditor…

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