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Contractor Caution

Choosing the right contractor is just as important as negotiating terms. The purchase of a home or commercial space represents a significant investment. But often it is only the first step because to be inhabitable or exploitable, renovation may be necessary. Much of the difficulty lies in choosing the right contractor. Many contractors promise you a…

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Post-hurricane assessment issues

Commercial leases are different than residential agreements. Boyer Law Firm, P.L. handles the leasing, purchases, sales, and disputes that come with commercial real estate transactions. For Tenants When drafting a commercial lease, it’s important to stipulate who is responsible for damage due to natural disasters. After Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, businesses in southeastern U.S. are…

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Tips to Prevent Disputes

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we have represented brokers, agents, and purchasers of commercial property.  It is common to have disagreements over real estate negotiations because disagreeing is part of the bargaining process.  Sometimes the buyer disagrees about the purchase price with the seller.  The other time, sellers disagree about whether they owe a broker…

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