How a Debt Collection Attorney Can Help Me

How a Debt Collection Attorney Can Help Me: Debt collectors are required to abide by strict rules under both Florida Law and Federal Law. Those rules are designed to protect both the consumer and the integrity of the American credit system.

What are my rights under the debt collection laws?

Within five (5) days of the first communication by a debt collector to a consumer, the debt collector must give the consumer a 30 day notice of the right to dispute the debt. If the consumer provides written notice of her intention to dispute the debt, then the debt collector must stop all collection activities until it obtains and provides the consumer with verification of the debt.

Regardless of whether you dispute the debt, you can ask the debt collector to stop all contact. If you do this, the debt collector can only contact you one more time to inform you of whether it intends to file a lawsuit.

How can an experienced fair debt collection practices attorney help me?

If you have been harassed by a debt collector, an experienced attorney will be able to sue on your behalf for damages. If you prevail, the debt collector has to pay attorneys’ fees and court costs, as well.

Francis Boyer as Advisory Council Member of the Banner Center

The Banner center’s goal is to positively impact Florida’s economy by collaboratively engaging industry, education and Florida’s workforce to address the current and future workforce needs of the Financial & Professional Services industry.

Employ Florida’s Banner Centers are a commitment from the State of Florida’s Workforce Florida and Florida’s colleges and universities to help employees remain prepared to do their jobs well now and in the future. This effort aims to ensure that Florida’s employers have a qualified, capable, highly trained and certified workforce to help make companies more competitive; and to retain and attract companies to Florida.

Mr. Boyer dedicates some of his time to this wonderful organization to help in the community and the State of Florida.

We Are in the National Association of Realtors

We Are in the National Association of Realtors: Not only is Mr. Boyer an attorney but he is also a licensed real estate agent meaning he is a member of the National Realtor Association which assists in the practice of the real estate closings.

We Are in the National Association of Realtors

The National Association of Realtors was founded on May 13, 1908. NAR’s membership is composed of residential and commercial real estate brokers, real estate salespeople, immovable property managers, appraisers, counselors, and others engaged in all aspects of the real estate (immovable property) industry, where a state license to practice is required. Members belong to one or more of some 1,600 local Realtor boards or associations. They are pledged to a code of ethics and standards of practice, which includes duties to clients and customers, the public, and other Realtors.

We Are in the National Association of Realtors Local associations are required to enforce the code of ethics through a Professional Standards Council or Committee. Trained members of the association form hearing panels charged with the responsibility of hearing testimony and evaluating evidence from complaints filed by the public or other members against association members for alleged violations of the code of ethics.

Mr. Boyer is fully knowledgeable not only on legal real estate matters but the real estate transaction itself as he has taken the time to go through the real estate course and study its profession.

If you have a real estate issue please do not hesitate to contact us as we would be happy to help.

Employment Contract Liability

As an employee of a company in the United States, you are entitled to a number of rights. It is important to obtain a written employment contract to ensure that your rights are understood by you and your employer, and to ensure that your rights will be protected. As an employee with an employment contract, subject to your specific contract, you are most often protected from such things as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and other harmful practices by employers. Employees are also afforded certain rights in terms of sick pay/leave and maternity rights, any of which can create liability if they are denied.

Employee’s can also be open to liability for certain acts. If an employee discriminates against another person it can create “good reason” to be terminated. An employee can also be subject to liability if the employee does not give proper notice of such things as maternity leave or intent to terminate the working relationship with the employer. Some employee’s can also be subject to liability even after the employment contract is terminated if the contract contained a non-compete clause. However, some non-compete clauses are not upheld by the courts because they are unconscionable or are too restrictive of the former employee’s right to work.

These are just some of the simple ways that an employee contract can create liability for either the employer or the employee. It is important to have an experienced attorney review your employment contract so you can fully understand what rights you have and what acts may open you up to liability. The Boyer Law Firm, PL is experienced in reviewing such contracts and can help you understand your rights. Call Boyer Law Firm today with any questions you may have, we are here to help.

Boyer Law Firm Joins Better Business Bureau

Boyer Law Firm Joins Better Business Bureau: The Better Business Bureau (BBB), founded in 1912, is a corporation consisting of several private business franchises of local BBB organizations based in the United States and Canada, which work through their parent corporation, the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB).

Boyer Law Firm Joins Better Business BureauBoyer Law Firm Joins Better Business Bureau!

The Better Business Bureau, through local chapters, invites businesses to become members. In return, the BBBs allow their member businesses the use of their logo, mediation services, and access to their compiled information.

BBB has determined that Boyer Law Firm, meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

Boyer Law Firm strives to provide for our clients, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Boyer Law Firm is now a proud member of the Better Business Bureau!