Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client: We are pleased to announce that Boyer Law successfully obtained a U.S. and FL Trademark approval for our Client. Client T wanted to set up a personalized attraction tour and then wanted to trademark the attraction tour logo rapidly. Since the client’s service mark was specific in nature we had to make sure that we carefully tailored the package for the trademark for its approval.

Success Story: Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

A service mark is a trademark used to identify a service rather than a product. They can be very beneficial because one’s own unique design of a service or logo cannot be replicated without permission once it is service marked.

Boyer Law Achieves Trademark for Client

We first set up Clients Corporation and then Client began his service tour. Since the trademark process is very rule specific we collected and drafted all materials necessary to file a U.S. Trademark and FL Trademark as quickly as possible. We were successful by getting Clients logo trademarked both under the U.S and FL Trademark division.

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Were You Wrongly Foreclosed On?

For almost a year, banks have been overhauling their foreclosure practices. Many might simply ask, why? The reason is that a significant number of homeowners have been foreclosed on because of errors in the processing and filing of foreclosures. If you were foreclosed on during the years of 2009 and 2010, there is a chance that you were wrongly foreclosed on. There is, however, light at the end of the tunnel. In order to reach that light though, you may need some guidance. Boyer Law Firm can help provide you with the guidance it will take to properly have your case reviewed.

In an effort to help right the wrongs of 2009 and 2010, and in order to help fix the housing industry in the United States, banks are setting up a system that will enable homeowners to have their cases reviewed. The banks have stated they will set up a toll-free number, a website, and will conduct advertising to get the word out. How aggressively the banks will advertise the information is yet to be seen, but if you contact Boyer Law Firm we can get you on the right track. Call today and get the information you need to find out if the foreclosure of your home was due to error on the part of the bank.
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The E2 Treaty Investor Visa!

1- What is an E2 visa?
The E2 visa is available to residents of treaty countries entering the US for the following reasons:
i) Develop and direct the operations of an enterprise in which they have invested, or are actively in the process of investing a substantial amount of capital;
ii) Invest substantially in an already-established US enterprise;
iii) Develop and direct investments from the treaty country.

No matter how much time is spent is the US, a Treaty Investor visa will not lead to permanent residency. This categorizes the E2 visa as a non-immigrant visa.

2- Nature of the E2 Visa
The investment should create job opportunities for US workers, although it would be better to have the U.S. workers hired at the time of application for the E2 visa. In order to have a successful visa application, one will demonstrate how the specific enterprise will benefit the US.

3- Requirements for the E2 Visa
The Treaty Investor visa requires investment of a substantial amount of money in advance for approval. The E2 visa requires adjudication at an American Embassy or Consulate, which can take several weeks. In order for the investment to meet the substantial amount requirement, one of the following two tests must be met:
i) It must represent a significant proportion of the total value of the business enterprise; or
ii) It must be sufficient to establish a profitable and viable business of the type contemplated.

4- How long is the E2 visa valid?
This type of visa will typically be issued for five years. Extensions will depend on the level of investment

If you have any other questions or would like to set up your E-2 visa, please contact Boyer Law Firm for further information.

How to Maintain Your Attorney-Client Privilege

How to Maintain Your Attorney-Client Privilege: The attorney-client privilege is a sacred thing. It provides protection to the matters you discuss with your attorney that relate to your case. However, there are ways that you as the client can break the attorney-client privilege that can be detrimental to your case.

It is important for a client to be candid with their attorney so that the attorney can develop a strategy that will best help the client. This means that communication between the attorney and client is highly encouraged. Whether the communication is on the phone, in person, or via text or email, there are certain things as a client that you must be aware of in order to protect your attorney-client privilege.

When speaking with your attorney on the phone, make sure that no one is around or listening to your conversation. If a third party is near you and you are aware that they can hear your conversation, you are essentially offering information to that third party that is not involved in your case. Doing so can dissolve the attorney-client privilege regarding whatever you say during such a conversation. The same applies to speaking with your attorney in person; if for example, you are meeting with your attorney in a public setting.

Another thing to be aware of is use of communication mediums that are owned or monitored by your employer. Many employers that provide cell phones to their employees have access to text messages through the business’ account. It is wise not to use your work phone to communicate with your attorney. That same applies even more so to use of your work email. Emails can and will be saved by your employer on their server for some amount of time and because your employer has control over those emails, you may have broken the attorney-client privilege regarding any information that you share with your attorney through those emails.

The attorney-client privilege is important because it protects the information you share with your attorney from being uncovered by the attorney representing the other party in your case. Because it works to protect the information you share as a client, it is doubly important because in doing so it allows a client to be forthcoming and truthful about all matters related to the case.

Do you need a contract?

Whether you are entering into an agreement with a private party to buy or sell a vehicle, creating an employment contract with a contractor or subcontractor, a contract for the maintenance for your boat, or any number of things, it is wise to have a written contract. While any person can legally write a contract and have all parties to the contract sign and date it, it is wise to enlist the help of a practicing attorney. The sequence of words, the placement of a comma, and the structure of each sentence can create an obligation or liability that one or both of the parties did not intend. It is also possible for one party to create a contract that will heavily favor them in the eyes of the court, leaving the other party with all the obligations and liabilities, which they may not fully comprehend.

It is in the parties’ best interest to form a contract that will create a “win-win” situation; one that will benefit both parties and address both parties’ needs. Another reason to form a contract is that it will spell out exactly what will happen if and when one party does not perform an obligation they agreed to in the contract. If one party does not do something they are supposed to do, or does not do it at the proper time, it can create a situation where a court will order them to perform a specific act, pay some amount of money to the other party, or a number of other things.

Don’t be left in a situation where you are not sure of what you are legally obligated to do. If you are entering into some form of agreement with one or more people, make the call to Boyer Law Firm. We have handled a number of contracts which include international business transactions, maritime vessel repair and maintenance, and more.