Boyer Law Helps Foreign Investor Enter Florida

Boyer Law Firm has successfully helped Client R., who is a foreign investor, to enter the Florida business landscape. We have been able to assist this client invest in real estate in Florida. Since our initial dealings with this client we have continually assisted him in all his legal matters. We now assist Client R. in all legal matters pertaining to real estate and contract law and through our affiliates we have been able aid Client R. with his tax returns.

Lives Devastated by Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak

Lives Devastated by Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak: Within the past month and a half there has been a nationwide outbreak of listeria. Listeria can be contracted by contaminated foods, in the current outbreak by contaminated cantaloupe. The cantaloupe in question, it has so far been said, to have been shipped to 22 different states. Originally shipped from a farm in Colorado, the contaminated cantaloupes have resulted in over 60 reported listeria illnesses and 8 deaths. Illness caused by listeria can lay somewhat dormant, presenting symptoms in infected persons up to two months after consuming contaminated products. If you have traveled out of the state of Florida, or think that you know someone who has and may have eaten some of the contaminated cantaloupe, you may want to seek a medical opinion. The Mayo Clinic has a list of common symptoms related to listeria on its website at

More Lives Devastated by Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak

Listeria can be a lingering illness that can be debilitating and even result in death. If you or someone you know feels they may have eaten some of the contaminated cantaloupes, please seek medical advice. It would not be wise to take a wait and see approach; your health is not something to gamble on. If you think we can be of any assistance here at Boyer Law Firm, please call us today. We wish you and your families well.

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Boyer Law Achieves Favorable Client Settlement

Boyer Law Achieves Favorable Client Settlement: Client S was in the process of purchasing her dream home in Florida. Client S fell into a trap where her realtor, mortgage broker and notary deceived Client. Essentially, through fraud she was misled into paying a lot more than the house was worth. All three parties lied to Client in regards to purchasing the home. We drafted discovery and gathered witnesses to find justice for our client. We were successful in obtaining Client S a settlement after relentless negotiations from the parties involved.

Boyer Law Achieves Favorable Client Settlement

Debt Collector Calls Grieving Widow 50 Times a Day

Debt Collector Calls Grieving Widow 50 Times a Day: Have you been harassed by a debt collector? Debt collectors are required to abide by strict rules under both Florida Law and Federal Law. Those rules are designed to protect both the consumer and the integrity of the American credit system.

Take a look at the situation in the story below:

“Bank of America bombarded a grieving widow with calls up to 48 times a day to remind her that her recently deceased husband had missed a mortgage payment, it is claimed.

Deborah Crabtree, from Honolulu, Hawaii, is suing the bank after she said she was called by debt collectors as often as every 15 minutes including during the wake for her husband.

According to papers filed in Hawaii, Mrs Crabtree told the bank that she would pay the debt as soon as she received her husband’s life insurance pay out, but the bank continued to threaten to foreclose on her home. The bank told the widow that it was unable to stop the calls until the debt was paid as they were computer generated.”

Debtors must know that they have certain rights as debt collectors cannot:
• telephone you an unreasonable number of times
• telephone you at any unusual time or unusual place
• disclose information about your debts to third parties
• use profane or other abusive language
• contact you after written notification that you do not want to be contacted any further
• claim to be affiliated with any governmental organization
• misrepresent the character, amount or legal status of a debt
• threaten to take any action that cannot be taken legally
• accuse you having committed a crime
• threaten or communicate false credit information
• attempt to collect until honoring your request to validate
• use deceptive methods to collect debts
• call you before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m.
• Call you, but not announce who they are
• Talk to your employer about your debt
• continue collection efforts until honoring a request by you to validate the debt

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If an unscrupulous debt collector is harassing you, Boyer Law Firm, PLLC can help you fight back.

Boyer Law Gets Favorable Settlement for Client

Boyer Law Gets Favorable Settlement for Client: Client H was moving into her dream home, with the help of movers she hired. Unexpectedly, her movers moved all her furniture, however caused major damages to her old antique furniture. The client tried to resolve the matter in her own hands with the moving company’s insurance; however, they were not willing to pay any of the damages to her antique furniture.

Success Story: Boyer Law gets favorable settlement for client, once again!

Client H hired us to represent her during this unfortunate matter, and we negotiated with the Insurance Company. We went to Client H’s home to take pictures and investigated the case further to draft a letter of demand detailing the facts of the matter. We went back and forth with the insurance company and finally got a settlement for our client.