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Successful resolution obtained for clients of BOYER LAW FIRM. Resolution of cases or matters that were of importance to clients clearly indicates that the involvement of a lawyer improves the overall situation of the person seeking legal help.

Investing in Florida

Generally, there are five types of corporations in Florida: C corporations, S corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Partnerships, and Sole Proprietorships. Florida LLC What is it? The three letters “LLC” go at the end of a limited liability company’s name and actually become part of its official name. A limited liability company is a legal entity…

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E2 Visa Success

Boyer Law Firm has successfully obtained over ten E2 visas for over three different families in the last few weeks. Our experienced immigration attorneys know what is required in order to obtain this and other US visas. We have also recently succeeded in obtaining Fiancé petitions, temporary “B” visas, and Citizenship for our clients. An E2…

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