Category: Intellectual Property

Pay to /Drā/?

U.S. Trademark Court says NO WAY. On May 10, 2018, rapper and producer Dr. Dre lost his trademark infringement case against Dr. Drai, a board certified OBGYN in Pennsylvania. Dr. Drai uses the shortened version of his name for promotion of  his medical expertise. Dr. Drai organizes conferences, writes, publishes scientific books and frequent podcasts.…

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Contract Recitals, Covenants, Representations, and Warranties

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Businesses can request employees, contractors, distributors, or other related individuals to sign non-disclosure agreements. These are intended to protect “legitimate business interests” such as trade secrets, business or professional information not known by the general public, or specific training practices. Florida Statute 542.335 addresses valid restraints of trade or commerce. This includes “restrictive covenants” like non-disclosure…

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