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Rebuilding after Irma & Harvey

Florida is beautiful, but it is also very vulnerable. While we don’t have state income tax, it’s expensive for Florida businesses and individuals to recover from a natural disaster. Citigroup estimates the economic damage from Hurricane Irma is about $50 billion, which is much lower than pre-storm estimates. Although most Floridians made it through the storm…

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Terminating a Commercial Lease

The Lease Agreement In any landlord-tenant relationship, the most important document is the lease agreement.  The lease agreement is the contract between the landlord and tenant that lays out the terms of the lease.  These terms include payment, duties, liabilities, utilities, renewal, conditions, and termination.  To be enforceable, the contract must be signed by both…

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Commercial Real Estate Transactions: Tips to Prevent Disputes

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we have represented brokers, agents, and purchasers of commercial property.  It is common to have disagreements over real estate negotiations because disagreeing is part of the bargaining process.  Sometimes the buyer disagrees about the purchase price with the seller.  The other time, sellers disagree about whether they owe a broker…

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