Florida Immigration Attorney, Francis Boyer


Greetings, I am a member of the Bars of Florida (Federal District of North, Middle and South Florida), and the District of Columbia (Washington, DC) and admitted to the United States Court of International Commerce. This allows me to plead cases both in Washington DC, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami and all over Florida.

I invite you to contact me before making your decision to live, work, or invest in the U.S. I will guide you through this new cultural and legal landscape, and together we can move forward on this path towards your goal.

Boyer Law Firm, P.L. deals with American companies and individuals as well as from all over the world in particular Europeans and Canadians. This experience helps compare and better explain the differences between the laws of each country.


International Law

Understanding the international dimension of the needs of our non-Americans or American law is our expertise. By its clients and its network of foreign correspondents based in most major French-speaking countries, the Firm is versed in the complexities of business conduct and resolution of disputes in the international field. It is able to effectively advise on all aspects of law and procedure abroad or in international matters.

Business Law

We advise, assist or represent companies and individuals in matters of diverse size in the legal structuring and administration of companies, or acquisitions and sales of stock and assets.

Immigration Law for Business, Family and Investors

Get your visa and other documents to immigrate, and then happily live and work in the United States. Visit our pages for an overview of available visas.

Commercial Law

Prepare your installation company in Florida with us during negotiation and contract review, the establishment of a Contract Non-Competition Agreement Non-Disclosure / Confidentiality, Distribution agreements, Employee manuals, Employee agreements, Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, shareholders’ agreement for the Company, Contract Purchase, Sale or Trade Equipment, Contract Labor as Independent Consultant.

Real Estate Law for Residential and Commercial Properties

Leases and working capital, buy-sell-hidden defects, rental contracts.

Estate Planning and Probate & Succession Law

Know your options for preparing your estate, or to know your rights as heirs and get your share. Preparation of Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney.

Trial and Litigation in Florida

As a member of the Florida Bar, I am authorized to practice as a lawyer in all courts in Florida. I am also admitted to practice in all Federal Courts of Florida and the Court of International Trade in the United States.

Customs Law

In the process of importing products and goods, especially wine, certain regulations must be followed relating to the customs environment. I have experience in this field to help with this process.


To learn more visit Boyer Law Firm main website or contact us via phone at (904) 236-5317 or via email.

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