Family Petition for Citizenship

Family PetitionOne of the paths to U.S. Citizenship can be in the form of a family petition. U.S. Citizens and Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) may petition for relatives to immigrate to the United States. U.S. Citizens may petition for parents, spouses, siblings, and children. LPRs may petition only for spouses and children.

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, in-laws, and cousins cannot sponsor a relative for immigration, and you must be at least 21 years old to petition for a parent.

There are two different categories when filing a family petition: immediate relatives and family preference categories. There is an unlimited amount of visas available for “immediate relatives” of U.S. Citizens. These include unmarried children under 21, spouses, parents, and widows/widowers under certain circumstances.

Family preference categories are subject to a limited number of visas. If the total number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of available visas, then applications are put on a wait and processed in the order they were received.

The length of time to process the petitions varies from case to case. Mistakes on the application, failing to follow instructions, and missing documentation can delay the process. An immigration attorney can help you through this process by ensuring that you apply for the right visa category and that all of your paperwork is filled out correctly.

If you choose to petition without an attorney, mistakes may be made and your petition could potentially be delayed or denied.

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What is International Law?

Merriam-Webster defines international law as a “body of rules that control or affect the rights of nations in their relations with each other.”International Law

The term “International Law” was coined by English philosopher Jeremy Bentham. It can apply to any form of law in which two or more countries are involved. Here at Boyer Law Firm, PL, we pride ourselves in the ability to handle international law. Our lawyers, of counsels, and paralegals speak English, French, Spanish, and more, allowing us to assist clients in many areas of the world.

We practice six major categories of “International Law”:

–          International Business Law
–          Foreign Investment
–          U.S. Visas
–          Real Estate Investment
–          U.S. Customs Law – Import & Export
–          Foreign Judgments Execution in Florida (For other states or countries)

Because we are well versed on practicing these areas on an international level, it allows us to practice them on a domestic level with ease because there are fewer variables to consider.

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Investing in the Single-Family Home Rental Market

For the first time in Florida history, real estate investment firms are investing in the single-family home rental market, replacing so-called “condo vulture” investors.Singe-Family Home Investment

Private equity funds, hedge funds, and REITs have purchased at least 4,000 single-family homes for the purpose of renting them out. These companies pay cash for a cluster of foreclosed or bank-owned homes, rent them out for a couple years, and then sell them for a profit. This business model works because home prices are low, rent prices are high, and the market is expected to bounce back in a couple years.

These homes are a much better investment than condos because in addition to the eventual payoff when the property is sold, single-family home investors can also make a profit while renting out the homes.

Previously, it was almost impossible to buy homes in clusters because they went on the market randomly and were usually spread out over a wide geographic location. This is no longer the case because the Federal Housing Finance Agency is now selling foreclosed homes in bundles.

Investors also have the option of hiring a local property management company to keep up with maintenance, rent collection and more, making the process even easier.

If you have the venture capital, it is a great time to start a Florida real estate investment company. For foreign investors, this could also be a path to a visa if the investment is sufficient and will create jobs.