South Florida Named Luxury Home Market of the Week

Beachfront Luxury HomeReal Estate Marketing Insider (REMI). This area was chosen because it is making a tremendous comeback since the housing crash of 2008, which may have affected luxury homes more so than average priced homes.

During the housing crash, sellers would usually have to wait longer than a year to find a buyer; they constantly slashed prices in the hopes of finding a buyer, but still had no luck. Even waterfront homes priced at 50 cents on the dollar were not selling.

In the last year, however, experts have seen rising prices, increased transactions, and renewed buyer confidence. South Florida was also chosen because the wealthy, cosmopolitan area is a hot-spot for tourists. South Florida offers beautiful, sunny weather year-round, which is very appealing for snowbirds around the world.

REMI says buyers and realtors should be inspired to invest in South Florida with confidence.

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