Owning a Restaurant in Florida: Customer Pet Peeves Part 2

restaurant in FloridaOn the previous blog, we began to list the top customer pet peeves when they eat at restaurants. If you are an owner or manager of a restaurant in Florida or elsewhere, then you should consider how to correct the following pet peeves:

7. Over-affectionate couples. Managers should address these couples in a prudent and professional manner. It may be a little uncomfortable to have to tell a couple they are being too affectionate, but it is much more uncomfortable for the patrons in your restaurant to watch.

6. Menu Typos. This shows laziness and lack of attention to detail. One comedic example comes from the popular show “The Big Bang Theory” in which one of the main characters, Sheldon, made the friends leave an Italian restaurant because the menu said “Mobster Sauce” instead of “Lobster Sauce,” and the eccentric character thought the sauce was made out of Mobsters.

5. An unexplained wait. It is expected that restaurants will have a wait sometimes, however, if you have open tables or a section that is closed, you should explain this to the customer so that they are not looking at the empty tables and wondering why they are not sitting at them.

4. No substitutions. Even if you have an upcharge, you need to accommodate for allergies, diets, and picky eaters. Make the customer happy.

3. Fast Food. Food should come in courses. Don’t bring out the main course when the patron is still eating their salad unless they specifically ask you. Customers should not feel like the server is trying to get them in and out in order to “flip tables.”

2. Slow Service. Although the food should come out in courses, customers also should not be kept waiting. Their drink order should be taken within a couple minutes of them being seated, their drinks should never be empty, and courses should be brought out within a reasonable amount of time between each other.

1. Unsupervised and Unruly Kids. They can be worse than an unruly customer and an over-affectionate couple combined! Additionally, unsupervised children can cause damage to your restaurant and could bother your other customers in numerous ways. Although your restaurant should accommodate children, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that they behave. Do not approach the child; approach the parent.

If you are the owner of a restaurant in Florida, then take some time to see which, if any, of these pet peeves reply to your restaurant. If you are interested in opening a restaurant in Florida or currently run a restaurant in Florida and need a business attorney, then contact Boyer Law Firm today!

Francis M. Boyer Now Board Certified in International Law!

Francis M. Boyer, Esq. is now Board Certified by the Florida Bar in International Law!

Board Certification is The Florida Bar’s highest level of evaluation of the competency and experience of an attorney in his particular area of the law. Board Certified Lawyers are evaluated for professionalism and tested for Expertise.

Mr. Boyer is one of only 42 Board Certified International Attorneys in the State of Florida. Because Florida is the ONLY state in the nation that offers a specialty certification in International Law, he is also one of only 42 in the entire United States.

The International Law Certification Exam includes business immigration, international business transactions, international litigation (such as when the Plaintiff or Defendant is overseas or a domestication of a Foreign Judgment), international taxation, customs law, and more.

Owning a Restaurant in Florida: Customer Pet Peeves Part 1

Restaurant in FloridaThe restaurant industry is a very competitive business. The littlest thing can make or break your business. One of the most important aspects of owning and running a restaurant in Florida is customer service.

Urban Spoon has compiled the following list of customer pet peeves at a restaurant. If you currently run a restaurant in Florida or are thinking about opening one, then you should take some time to seriously consider these aspects of customer service:

15. Missing/ Having to ask for simple items, such as napkins, a fork or a knife.

14. Weak drinks. This does not, however, mean that you should over-pour. Each drink has a specific volume of liquor in the recipe, and this should be adhered to by both owners and bartenders.

13. Indiscernible menus. Although it may add to the atmosphere to list menu items in the language of the restaurant (such as Italian, Spanish, or French), it is important to at least include an English translation so your customers are better able to choose their meal.

12. Rowdy Patrons. People come out to restaurants to have fun, but when they start to bother other people in the restaurant, then you have a problem. It is important that managers are prepared to handle rowdy customers in a professional manner that resolves the situation.

11. Nosy Neighbors. If your tables are too close together, then people who are having business meetings or a date night may feel that their privacy is being invaded. It is important to have many tables in your restaurant to be able to accommodate customers, but do not overload your dining room with tables.

10. Partial Group Seating. DO NOT EVER DO THIS! Your restaurant should anticipate that you will be “on a wait” at some points in your business, especially on the weekends. Incorporate a waiting area into the design of your restaurant and encourage guests to have a drink at the bar while they wait on their table.

9. Dirty Silverware or glasses. This is not only gross, but it is also a health hazard. One of the common reasons for dirty silverware or glasses is that your dishwasher itself is not clean. Additionally, glasses and silverware should be polished so that there are no visible watermarks.

8. Taking calls at the table. As an owner or manager, there is really not a lot that you can do about this. However, servers should not be rude to guests on the phone and should be aware that they may have to wait or come back to the table to take that individual’s order.

Check back on Tuesday to see the top 7 restaurant customer pet peeves and how you as a restaurant owner or manager can address them.

If you are interested in opening a restaurant in Florida or currently run a restaurant in Florida and need a business attorney, then contact Boyer Law Firm today!

Advantages of Living and Working in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, FloridaJacksonville, Florida is a growing city in Northeast Florida.

Ponte Vedra Beach near Jacksonville, Florida, ranked 10th wealthiest zip code in Florida in a 2013 survey conducted by Esri, according to the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Ponte Vedra Beach is a beautiful area outside of Jacksonville, but still close enough to be able to commute to downtown Jakcsonville. It is well known for the home of golf’s The Player’s Championship and also offers private beaches and clubs.

St. Johns, another area close to Jacksonville, ranked #24 in the survey. This area includes the gated community Julington Creek.

If you are interested in living, doing business in Florida, or both, then you may want to consider living in some of these areas close to Jacksonville, Florida.

If you are interested in buying or selling a property or if you are interested in starting a business in the Jacksonville area, then contact one of Boyer Law Firm, P.L.’s business and real estate closing attorneys today.

Governor Scott’s Florida Small Business Policies and Proposals

Governor Scott’s Florida Small Business PoliciesGovernor Rick Scott called small business “the lifeblood of our economy” in a statement for his re-election campaign on Monday.

Scott started his two-week statewide tour in Miami on Tuesday to promote his ideas to increase Florida small business.

Governor Scott’s Florida small business policies and proposals include lowering corporate filing fees for small businesses, increase funding for export marketing programs, developing solutions to issues with private capital, and establishing annual business competitions to be hosted by Florida’s colleges and universities. These competitions are expected to have an aware of up to $100,000.00.

Governor Scott’s Florida small business policies are just a few of the reasons why Florida is a great state to live and conduct business, especially a small business.

If you are interested in starting a business in Florida, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys today. If you are a foreign individual, then you may also qualify for an Investor’s Visa.

Opening a Company in Florida: A Couple Advantages

Opening a company in FloridaMiami recently hosted a conference that brought together South Florida and Latin America tech communities. These investors were interested in opening a company in Florida, specifically Miami, but they were also looking to launch their companies on the world stage.

The articles in Forbes said “The U.S. has a highly evolved infrastructure for nurturing innovative new companies and positioning them for global expansion. There are mature investor networks, a large and relatively homogeneous consumer population with expendable income, and a proven ability to commercialize innovative IP.”

The article then went on to say “the U.S. is exerting an intense gravitational pull, attracting dynamic young companies and investment capital, and interconnecting them in ways that were unimaginable before the digital era.”

If you are a foreign individual, opening a company in Florida may qualify you for an investor’s visa such as an E-2 Investor’s Visa or and EB5 Investor’s visa. If you qualify for an EB5 visa, then this could be a path to a green card and eventually potential U.S. Citizenship.

Source: Forbes

Bar Rescue Exemplifies Why You Need Proper Florida Corporate Documents

Florida corporate documentsA recent episode of the popular show “Bar Resucue” featuring Jon Taffer should be a warning to business owners about how important it is to have properly drafted Florida corporate documents.

The season finale was about two friends who became business partners, and their friendship suffered as a result.

One of the turning points of the episode is when Jon Taffer found out that the second owner, who supposedly owned 15% of the business did not have any paperwork, specifically corporate documents, to show for it. This created a strong rift between the friends because there was no documentation for this deal.

In order to solve this problem, Jon Taffer had the main owner bring his lawyer in to draw up the paperwork.

This action shows two things:

  1. How important it is to have a written agreement between business partners
  2. You should have an attorney draft these corporate documents.

As a bar and business expert for over 30 years, Jon Taffer did not tell these owners to have the paperwork drawn up on a website or “discount service.” He insisted that an attorney be called in to draw up the documents.


Spring Cleaning For Your Business: Florida Corporation or Florida LLC

Florida Corporation or Florida LLCThere are many entrepreneurs who have multiple interest and, as a result, have multiple businesses or multiple aspects to their current business.

If you are an entrepreneur who is thinking about expanding your business into an additional area, then it may be a good idea to create a new company, whether it be a Florida Corporation or Florida LLC.

For example, you may want one entity for your real estate transactions and a separate entity for your retail sales.

If your business is domesticated in another state or country, and you are considering doing business in Florida, then you must register to do business with the State of Florida.

There are many factors when determining what type of business entity (Florida LLC, Florida Corporation, etc.) is best for your business, including asset protection, liability and more. If you are unsure that your business formation is the correct model for your business, then you should schedule a business planning meeting with a Florida business law attorney to discuss your options.

If you are interested in forming/incorporating your Florida Corporation or Florida LLC, or you would like to schedule a business planning meeting to discuss your options with our business law attorneys, then contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today.

Am I Eligible for an E2 Investors Visa?

E2 Investor's VisaAn E2 Investor’s Visa is also referred to as a Treaty Investors Visa because the visa is the result of a treaty between the applicant’s home country and the United States.

The purpose of the E2 Investors Visa is to promote economic and business growth in the United States. Therefore, if you are applying for an E2 Visa, you must prove certain aspects in order to prove that your entry to the United States and your business will promote the growth of the U.S. Economy.

In order to prove that you and your business will benefit the U.S. Economy, you must submit evidence of several requirements, including but not limited to:

  1. Citizen of an E2 Treaty Country: In order to be eligible for an E2 visa, you must be a Citizen of a Country who has an E2 Treaty with the United States. Click here for a list of Treaty Countries.
  2. A Bona Fide Enterprise: In order to prove that your business will promote the U.S. Economy, you must first prove that you have an actual business.
  3. Proof that the investment in the business is substantial: The amount required will vary depending on the type of business you have, but it is generally understood that the more you invest, the better. Deciding to take on creating a business is nothing to take lightly. Although Boyer Law Firm has obtained visas for clients in the past with relatively low investments, we have also noticed a trend of stricter requirements and the benefits of a greater investment.
  4. Proof that the investment in the business in non-marginal: According to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), “a marginal enterprise is one that does not have the present or future capacity to generate more than enough income to provide a minimal living for the treaty investor and his or her family. Depending on the facts, a new enterprise might not be considered marginal even if it lacks the current capacity to generate such income.  In such cases, however, the enterprise should have the capacity to generate such income within five years from the date that the treaty investor’s E-2 classification begins.”

If you meet these requirement and are interested in applying for an E2 Investors Visa, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s Immigration Attorneys today.

Spring Business Cleaning: Florida Employment Contracts

Florida employment contractIf you have not done so already, then you may want to update the office policies and procedures of your Florida business for the year 2014. This includes having employees sign employee handbooks/Florida employment contract(s).

That’s right! A Florida employment contract or Florida employment agreement is a contract, and a very important one at that! It sets forth the responsibilities not only of your employees, but also for you as an employer. Like any contract, you should have your florida employment contract drafted and reviewed by a business law attorney.

Additionally, while contracts are on your “Spring Cleaning to-do list,” you should review what contracts you have coming to an end (Ex: vendors, clients, suppliers, etc.) and schedule time to speak to a Florida business law attorney before those contracts end.

If you are interested in “Spring Cleaning” the contracts for your company, or if you need a contract drafted or reviewed, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s Business Law and Contract Attorneys today. This can be especially valuable if you are a foreign individual conducting your business from overseas.

Attorney Boyer on Contracts and Lien Laws

Contracts and Lien Laws

Attorney Francis M. Boyer spoke at the Florida Groundwater Association’s Annual Conference on Friday, May 2, 2014. He spoke about contracts and lien laws for contractors, subcontractors and more.

The presentation and Attorney Boyer received great feedback from the audience, and Attorney Boyer looks forward to attending the conference next year.

If you need assistance with a contract or lien law situation, then contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today.

Florida Business Planning and Florida Business Registration

Florida Business PlanningWith the onslaught of internet based companies, including phone apps, online stores, and much more, it can be difficult to navigate the legal landscape of properly setting up your business and abiding by the different state laws.

For example, according to the Orlando Business Journal, it is rumored that Zynga, maker of some of the most popular social games, is building a physical location in the Orlando, Florida area. Does this mean that Zynga will have to register to do business in Florida? If it has not already, then absolutely!

If your company has a permanent address in a Florida, then it needs to be registered to do business in Florida. If you are based in one state but you are selling throughout the country or internationally, then it is important to know the legal requirements for your business.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we offer Florida business planning meetings that will allow Attorney Boyer and our other business law attorneys to guide you through this landscape and assist you in determining what you need to do to protect your business and yourself, especially when it comes to asset protection.

For more information on our Florida business planning meetings, or if you need to register your business to conduct business in Florida, then contact Boyer Law Firm today.

Why You Need a Florida Estate Plan

Florida Estate PlanWho do you want to tend to your wishes when you pass away?

–          A child?
–          A friend?
–          A rival sibling who wants all of your money?

If you do not have a valid will, then you will not get to make this and many other important decisions.

When a person dies without a will in Florida, it is called “intestate.” This means that the estate of the decedent (the person who passes away) will go through the probate process, but this process will be enacted not by the decedent’s wishes.

In an intestate probate case, the inheritance for the distribution of the decedent’s assets and debts are determined but by a rigid legal formula, which is not at all personalized to yourself or your loved one and the decedent’s specific situation and needs.

If you die without a will, then the Court will choose a Personal Representative for your estate, and it could end up being rival sibling or an estranged family member who really has no idea in regards to your wishes.

There are many other factors to creating a Florida estate plan, such as trusts, tax implications on beneficiaries, and much more. For example, do you need a will in Florida if you own property but are not a U.S. Citizen?

Florida Estate planning includes much more than just drafting a will, but that is a good place to start. In the current financial situation we are in, it is easy for people to overlook the need for Florida estate planning tools until it is too late.

If you are interested in creating a Florida will or Florida estate plan, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s estate planning attorneys today.

Millennial Entrepreneurs are the Future of Florida Business

Millennial EntrepreneursMillennials, or adults who reached the age of 18 after the year 2000, have more money management skills than their grandparents, the baby-boomer generation, according to the 2014 Planning and Progress Study conducted by Harris Poll.

The poll said millennials and millennial entrepreneurs tend to be more proactive about planning and recognize the importance of saving and investing. Millennials are classified as disciplined, patient, and humble when it comes to their financial responsibilities.

Jacksonville University, a private university in Jacksonville, Florida, held its own version of the popular television show “Shark Tank” in an effort to encourage its students to become millennial entrepreneurs. There were 14 projects presented and the top student won $500.

These millennials will be the next wave of entrepreneurs, and many have already begun their ventures, whether that be an invention, a business idea, and more. New ways of funding, such as venture capitalism, family money, or personal savings are allowing these millennial entrepreneurs to start their businesses much younger than the generation before them.

If you are interested in starting a company in Florida, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys today.

H1B Visas are no longer available for 2015!

H1B visaThis is just an example of the overload of applications that are being sent to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

USCIS received 172,500 H1B petitions from the when it began taking applications on April 1, 2014 until this Monday, April 7, 2014, when they stopped taking applications, according to a press release on their website. That’s right! The ability to even apply for a H1-B visa disappeared in less than a week.

The H1-B visa is for specialized workers in areas such as science, engineering, and computer programming. USCIS will not begin to accept applications for Fiscal Year 2016 until next year, April 1, 2015.

The USCIS said it will be conducting a computer-generated lottery to determine which petitions it will select for processing

If you were thinking about applying for a H1B visa, then you may want to consider other visa options.

These visa options may include investment visas (if you are willing to start and invest in a business), family petitions (if you have an immediate relative who is a Legal Permanent Resident or U.S. Citizen), and more. Please not that purchasing a piece of property in the United States does not in and of itself qualify a foreign individual for an immigration visa.

As previously stated, USCIS is currently experiencing an overwhelming number of applications for multiple different kinds of visas. As a result, it has been our experience that the requirements for each visa are much stricter than they used to be and the visa application process takes longer than it used to.

If you think that you may qualify for a visa or if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your immigration options, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s immigration and international law attorneys today.

Collect on a Final Judgment in Florida

Florida Final JudgmentScenario: You sued someone and won! Congratulations!

Now, how do you get your money? It is more than likely that the opposing party is not going to just hand over the money, otherwise there would not have been a suit in the first place.

The judicial system has accounted for this by allowing prevailing parties and attorneys to collect the monies through liens and garnishments. However, in order to place a lien or garnish wages in Florida, the judgment must be a Florida Final Judgment.

There are two ways to obtain a Florida Final Judgment:

  1. The case took place in Florida and a Florida court issued the judgment
  2. A final judgment was entered in another state or country and the judgment was domesticated to Florida.

If you have a judgment in another state or country, you should hire an attorney experienced in domesticating foreign judgments, as properly enacting this legal procedure is vital to being able to collect monies through a lien or wage garnishment.

If you have received a final judgment against a person who lives, works, or owns assets in Florida, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s international law attorneys today.

Learn from CNBC’s “The Profit:” Have an Attorney Draft Your Florida Corporate Documents

Florida Corporate DocumentsAfter their appearance on CNBC’s new television show “The Profit,” featuring Marcus Lemonis, Sweet Pete’s in Jacksonville, Florida made news due to the major fight between the business partners.

Disputes between business owners appears to be a common theme both on the show and in business in general, and many of these disputes could be solved through following the procedures outlined in the company’s  properly executed corporate documents.

In fact, the solution to the dispute in this case was found in the Shareholder’s Agreement.

Whether your Florida business partner is your spouse, child, friend, or simply an associate, it is vital to protect yourself and your business in case of such a “breakup.” One of the best ways to protect yourself and your business is through your Florida corporate documents. These include Articles of Organization for a Limited Liability Company (LLC), Articles of Incorporation for a Florida Corporation, and an Operating Agreement for both.

When properly drafted by a Business Law Attorney, these Florida corporate documents should outline the procedures of the company for almost all situations, especially the loss or gain of a member/owner of the company.

The mistake that many businesses make is trying to “save money” by using an attorney knock-off site or trying to draft these documents themselves. By doing this, the company usually ends up spending more money to correct the error than it would if the owners had the Florida corporate documents properly drafted and reviewed by a Florida business law attorney.

If you are starting a company or you need properly drafted Florida corporate documents, contact Boyer Law Firm’s business law attorneys today.

Why You Need an Attorney for Florida Commercial Rentals

Florida Commercial RentalFlorida commercial rental properties can be an excellent first or second source of income.

There is money to be made in the Real Estate Market, and the two best ways to make money in this market are through house flipping or owning rental properties. Florida commercial rental properties will obviously provide you with a greater return than residential properties, as the cost of Florida commercial real estate is greater in general, but Florida commercial rentals are also more complicated than residential rentals.

Florida commercial rental Lease Agreements can be up to 75 pages long and very complex, which is why it is important to have a Florida real estate attorney review the lease agreement, whether you are the landlord or the tenant.

If you are the owner of a residential property, whether it be an apartment complex, a single-family home, or a condo, then it is also important for a real estate attorney to review the lease agreements.

Additionally, you want to make sure that the property you purchase to rent out has a “clear title.” This is done by hiring an experienced closing attorney to handle your real estate closing. If the property does not have a clear title, then you could run into various, serious problems, especially if you are going to rent out the property to a third party.

If you are interested in purchasing a property to rent out or have a commercial lease agreement you need reviewed, contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today.

USCIS Revises N-400 Application for U.S. Citizenship

U.S. Citizenship AttorneyU.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has revised Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, also known as the application to become a naturalized U.S. Citizen.

According to USCIS, “Naturalization is the process by which U.S. citizenship is granted to a foreign citizen or national after he or she fulfills the requirements established by Congress in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA).”

In order to qualify for U.S. Citizenship, candidates must meet the following criteria:

1. Be a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States for five (5) years
2. Have been a Legal Permanent Resident of the United States for at least three (3) years. Additionally, you must have been married to and living with the same spouse, who is a U.S. Citizen, and your spouse has been a U.S. Citizen for the last 3 years at the time of filing your Form N-400
3. Other specific reasons, which must be discussed with a U.S. Immigration Attorney

One of the reasons USCIS revised this form is to “present customers with clearer instructions.” This is a clear indicator that USCIS runs across errors on multiple applications. If you do not fill out the form correctly and provide the correct supporting documents, then your petition could be delayed or denied.

Hiring a U.S. immigration attorney to assist you with this application, or other visa applications, will ensure that these documents are completed fully and accurately. If you are interested in applying for U.S. Citizenship or other immigration visas, then contact Boyer Law Firm, P.L. today!

Can I Pick the Closing Agent if I am Purchasing Property in Florida?

Property in FloridaAlthough it is customary in the industry for the Seller of a property to pick the Florida closing agent, it is beneficial to the Buyer of a property to choose the closing agent, especially if the buyer is from another country and/or English is not their first language.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, P.L., we have helped many domestic and foreign individuals, couples, and families purchase property in Florida.

We have experienced situations and in which a title company not headed by an attorney performed a title search in which they found only five (5) items that needed to be completed. When Boyer Law Firm, P.L. performed a title search on the same property in Florida, we found twelve (12) items, almost double of the original search and several of which were critical.

Since Title Insurance rates are set by the State of Florida, and are therefore uniform in the amount, there is no financial savings in choosing a title company over an attorney. Most attorney are title insurance agents for Attorney’s Title Services, which is considered the reference in the real estate industry. Only attorneys can join/use this Title Service, which is of the highest quality in diligence and conveying a clear and marketable title.

CNN Money Likes Jacksonville Entrepreneurs

Jacksonville EntrepreneursJacksonville, Florida was recently praised by CNN Money for being an emerging hub for both start-up companies and entrepreneurs.

Contributing factors to the success of the increase in Jacksonville Entrepreneurs include inexpensive business and labor costs, low taxes, warm weather, and availability of capital. Jeanne Miller, executive director of Jacksonville Civic Council, says venture capital and money from angel investors is coming back to Jacksonville.

“Jacksonville’s a hidden jewel for entrepreneurs,” said Theodore Carter, executive director of the city’s Office of Economic Development. “We have a young ecosystem here that’s very welcoming to innovation and new business.”

This ecosystem of Jacksonville entrepreneurs is further exemplified through events such as One Spark, and the UNF Leadership Summit, and many other events with the entrepreneurial spirit in Jacksonville.

Source: Jacksonville is Hot for Startups

Who picks the Florida Closing Agent in a Real Estate Transaction?

Swimming Pool and SpaAlthough there is no law regarding who picks the closing agent in a Florida real estate transaction, it is customary for the Seller of the property to choose the Florida Closing Agent. It is also customary for the party who chooses the closing agent to pay the “closing costs,” such as the deed recording, the title search, etc.

Specific closing costs vary on each real estate transaction.

If you are the seller of a piece of Florida real estate, you want to choose the Closing Agent so you will have control of the security deposit if the buyer chooses not to close and the contract provides for a non-refundable deposit. If the Closing Agent also acts as the Escrow Agent in the transaction, then the security deposit should be held in a trust account until the transaction is completed.

If you hire a Florida Real Estate Attorney as your Florida Closing Agent, they may be able to easily satisfy some of the items required by the Title Company before Title Insurance can be issued to the buyer. These items may consist of documents that are legally binding and should be drafted by an attorney.

If someone is interested in purchasing your home or business, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s Florida Residential and Commercial Real Estate Attorneys today.

Florida Contracts: Types and Definition

Florida Contract AttorneyA Florida contract is an agreement between two or more parties, whether they are individuals, business entities, or non-profit entities. Due to this broad definition, there are infinitely many different kinds and types of contracts.

Having a Florida contract attorney draft your contract will ensure that you understand what you are signing and that at least some of the conditions of the contract are in your favor. By understanding what you are signing you understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of the other party.

If either party fails to live up to these responsibilities, then a civil lawsuit for breach of contract can occur, which can be a very costly process, especially if you are the one who caused the breach of contract.

Some categories of contracts include:

Business Contracts

Partnership Agreements
Articles of Organization or Incorporation and Operating Agreements (Yes, these are contracts!)
Employment Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements

Real Estate

Purchase and Sale Agreement for Residential or Commercial Property
Commercial Lease Agreement


You should always have an Attorney review your contracts, and don’t forget the Golden Rule:


LLCs for Married Couples: Preventative Law

LLCs for Married Couples

The Florida Business Journals recently published an article about LLCs for married couples entitled “How to Divorce-Proof your Business.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we have started many corporations and LLCs for married couples and families, and our policies and procedures protect both the business and its members.

When you are creating a business, whether it be with a family member or not, it is important to protect yourself as an individual.

This can be done in different ways, depending on your specific situation.

The most common way is to have a business law attorney draft an Operating Agreement that outlines how units or shares of the company can be bought, sold, or traded. When your corporate documents are being drafted, it is important to really think about who is going to own what percentage of the company and what roles in the company those parties will play.

Additionally, you should create and maintain a separate corporate bank account, not only in the case of a disagreement, but also for asset protection purposes.

A prenuptial agreement or post-nuptial agreement (after getting married) can also be a form of legally deciding who will maintain ownership of the company in the case of a divorce. These types of agreements are legally binding contracts and should be drafted and reviewed by an attorney before you sign them.

If you would like to create a Florida LLC or Corporation or have questions regarding asset protection in business formation, then contact Boyer Law Firm’s Business Law Attorneys today.

Difference: Florida Residential & Florida Commercial Real Estate

Florida Commercial Real EstateTwo types of properties when it comes to Florida Real Estate are Residential and Commercial.

Residential real estate refers to properties intended for people to reside in, such as houses, apartments, etc. Commercial real estate refers to a building or land intended to generate profit from capital gain or rental income, such as a storefront, apartment complex, office building, mall, etc.

It is important to differentiate between these two types of real estate when hiring a Florida real estate attorney because the process of buying or renting these properties can be very different.

Here at Boyer Law Firm, we concentrate on buying and selling both residential and commercial properties, and we handle commercial rentals and commercial landlord/tenant issues. We do not practice residential landlord tenant issues or assist tenants with residential leases.

If you are interested in purchasing a commercial property, then our commercial real estate attorneys can assist you with determining whether you should buy or rent the property. Commercial real estate transactions can be must more complex then residential real estate transactions, which is why it is important to hire a Florida commercial real estate attorney.

When renting a commercial property, it is important to have a Florida commercial real estate attorney review the lease agreement BEFORE you sign it. Remember, a lease agreement is a contract which can run up to 75 pages long! We have received many calls from people attempting to get out of a bad commercial lease agreement, and their issues could have been solved in a much easier and cost-efficient way if they had hired an attorney to review the lease before they signed it.

Our residential real estate attorneys can assist you in purchasing a Florida residential property in a quick and efficient manner. It is important to hire an experienced residential real estate attorney to assist you with the closing, including making sure the property has a clear title, which is done through a title search. If a proper title search is not performed on the property, then the buyer can potentially be stuck with many detrimental issues, such as these horror stories.

Contact our office today to see how our Florida real estate attorneys can assist you.



Our office has received two phone calls so far this afternoon regarding an email/letter from a Julian Marshal claiming to be the Senior Attorney for Boyer Law Firm.

Julian Marshal is not connected to our firm in ANY way, and as far as our attorneys are concerned, this letter is nothing but a scam.

DO NOT respond to this letter.

If you receive this letter or one similar to it, please contact our office at (904) 236-5317, (407) 574-2573, (305) 921-9665. You may also email a copy of the email/letter to our office.

If your correct Social Security Number was used in this email, PLEASE take the following steps to protect yourself from Identity Theft:

  1. Call your local police department to file a report and get a report number
  2. Call the Federal Trade Commission and follow the prompts regarding Identity Theft to file a Complaint. You will need the police report you filed for this step. 1-877-438-4338
  3. Call the Social Security Administration and file a report. They may or may not accept one, but they should. 1-800-772-1213

Keep an eye on your credit report

Number of Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs is Increasing

baby boomer entrepreneurSome Baby Boomers may be retiring from the workforce, but there is an increase in Baby Boomer Entrepreneurs.

The highest rate of entrepreneurship in the U.S. has shifted to people aged 55-64, according to a press release from U.S. Senator Bill Nelson’s office (FL).

“Today, we’re seeing more and more older entrepreneurs make a positive mark on our economy,” Nelson said. “As their numbers continue to rise, so too does our responsibility to reduce barriers to entrepreneurship, and ensure seniors receive the support they need to create successful start-ups.”

As with any other age group of entrepreneurs, it is important for you as a baby boomer entrepreneur to incorporate your business properly. If you are in the baby boomer age range, then you need to make sure your personal assets are protected not only for yourself, but also for your children, grandchildren, and other loved ones.

Additionally, if you are a foreign investor in the baby boomer age range, there are visa options for you and potentially your children, so contact Boyer Law Firm today to see how we can assist you.

U.S. Marriage Immigration: What Should We Do?

Falling in love and getting married is an exciting time, but if your spouse is an American Citizen and you are a foreign national, it can also be a very stressful time if you are trying to get a visa or become a permanent resident of the United States.

u.s. marriage immigrationThere are different options for fiancés and spouses of American Citizens, such as marriage visas, marriage adjustment petitions, and fiancé visas. It is beneficial to hire a U.S. Immigration Attorney to discuss the different U.S. marriage immigration options you have and to help you through the visa process.

The U.S. marriage immigration process, or the process for any type of immigration petition, can be a daunting task, especially with the added security measures that have been enacted. Although it is impossible to guarantee the acceptance of your immigration application, hiring an attorney will aide you with completing the paperwork properly, ensure that you are applying for the correct immigration status, and will increase your chances of success.

Some questions that our U.S. immigration attorneys will be able to answer are:

–          Should I get married in the U.S. or in another country?
–          Can my child come to the U.S. with me?
–          Should I apply for a different type of visa so I can be in the U.S. while applying for a marriage adjustment petition?
–          And more.

These questions require the legal analysis and advice of an experienced U.S. immigration attorney. If you are interested in a visa or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss your visa options, then contact Boyer Law Firm today.

SCAM ALERT: Businesses Do NOT File Annual Minutes!

SCAM Rubber StampBeware of this scam to fool business owners as it comes time to file their annual report! A company is sending business owners what looks like an official letter asking them to file their “Annual Minutes” for $125. These notices are not from the state or any other government agency.

Business owners are required to file their Annual REPORT, not their Annual MINUTES. The annual minutes should be kept by the business for its own records.

If you receive a letter asking you to file your annual minutes, ignore it or contact an attorney. If you have already received the letter and paid it, contact the State Attorney General’s office.

Wire Transfers for International Business

Wire Transfers for International Business Owning and running a Florida business from another country can be a daunting task, especially when you are just starting out.

Due to U.S. immigration issues, many of our clients will create and begin to build their business from another country, such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, Argentina, Colombia, Canada,Turkey, etc., before applying for a U.S. Visa, such as a B-visa or E2 Visa, or Legal Permanent Residence, such as through an EB5 visa. When you are creating and investing in a business, there will inevitably be funds that need to be transferred between countries and accounts for bills and other various situations.

So how do you manage these large money transfers when you are an ocean away?

The first thing that most of the world uses, the IBAN system is not used in the U.S. Instead, the SWIFT method is how money is transferred internationally to the U.S.

The other aspect is that wires in the U.S. are not sent to a specific branch, i.e. 123 Main St., Miami but merely to the “main” bank. For Wells Fargo, its address is in San Francisco, SunTrust in Atlanta, Chase in New York, etc.

Major international business transactions are usually done via wire transfers. A wire transfer is the electronic transfer of funds from one person or institution to another. In most cases, wire transfers are done between institutions, namely banks, who charge a fee for this service.

When you make a wire transfer, it is important to preemptively research these fees, as they vary depending on the institution, location, and more. The best way to do this is to verify the fees with BOTH of the institutions you will be dealing with, i.e. the bank you are transferring the money from and the bank to which you are transferring the money. If you do not account for these fees when making a wire transfer, then your payment will be for a lesser amount than you intended.

Wire transfers are used for situations such as:

–          Purchasing Real Estate
–          Purchasing a Business
–          Transferring Funds into your U.S. Business Account or another U.S. Bank Account
–          Making a deposit into an Escrow Account
–          Making a payment to your attorney
–          Paying court fees
–          And more