Canadian Real Estate Investors Face Competition from Asian Counterparts

Canadian Real Estate Investors | Florida Real Estate Attorney Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami | Boyer Law Firm, PLNow is the time for Canadian real estate investors to buy in Florida before investors from Asian countries become the new Florida snowbird.

More than 500,000 Canadians currently own property in Florida, and many have made a return on their investment since 2008 when the state was one of the hardest hit in the nation by the housing crisis. The price of single-family homes in Florida is currently up 12 percent, according to the Toronto Star.

In 2010, Canadians accounted for almost 40 percent of all real estate purchases in Florida, but they are now facing stiff competition from their Asian counterparts. This competition is mostly over bankrupt development projects around $100,000. As a result, many Canadian real estate investors are investing in discounted homes over $200,000 and $300,000 while they are still available.

Canadian real estate investors are also facing competition from Brazilian investors in Miami and Orlando.

If you are interested in investing in Florida real estate, buying a winter home, or selling a piece of property, contact Boyer Law Firm’s real estate attorneys today. We have attorneys and paralegals who speak both French and English.

Source: Toronto Star

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Orlando International Airport and International Travel

Orlando International Airport | International business travel| International attorneyBeginning tomorrow, April 30, 2013, Orlando International Airport will electronically streamline the international arrival process, making the process paperless and replacing the I-94 form. U.S. Customs and Border Protection recognized the airport as the first in the nation to move to the new process.

While year-to-date domestic travel is down 3.7 percent in Orlando, international traffic is up 13.7 percent, making this new form of screening a necessity. Lines for international visitors at Orlando International Airport become extremely long when travelers have not completed the I-94 form. With the new system, U.S. Customs and Border Protection will gather arrival and departure information from electronic travel records.

So, if you are planning to travel to Florida for business or pleasure after April 30, you may want to amend your travel plans to arrive in the U.S. in Orlando. However, the process will still be relatively new and there will inevitably be some kinks to work out at the beginning.

Source: Orlando Business Journal

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Florida’s World-Class Golf Courses

One of the great things about living and doing business in Florida, in addition to the warm weather and sandy beaches, is Florida’s world-class public golf courses. Whether you are meeting a client or playing a Saturday afternoon round with some buddies, Florida has some of the best golf courses in the country.

Whether you are in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Miami, Florida, there is a world-class public golf course near you.

Here are the top thirty Florida’s world-class golf courses, according to

1. TPC Sawgrass (Players Stadium), Ponte Vedra Beach/ Jacksonville

Floridas world class golf courses | doing business in Florida | Business Lawyer Jacksonville Miami Orlando2. World Woods (Pine Barrens), Brooksville

3. Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill, Orlando

4. Hammock Beach Resort (Ocean), Palm Coast

5. Innisbrook (Copperhead), Palm Harbor

6. Doral (TPC Blue Monster), Miami

7. PGA National (Champion), Palm Beach Gardens

8. Reunion (Independence), Orlando

9. World Woods (Rolling Oaks), Brooksville

10. Camp Creek, Panama City Beach

11. Waldorf Astoria, Orlando

12. Grand Cypress (New), Orlando

13. Sandestin (Raven), Destin

14. Sugarloaf Mountain, Minneola

15. Victoria Hill, Deland

16. Old Corkscrew, Estero

17. Tiburon (Black), Naples

18. Hammock Beach Resort (Conservatory),Palm Coast

19. Turnberry Isle (Soffer), Aventura

20. Southern Dunes, Haines City

21. Breakers (Rees Jones), West Palm Beach

22. Orange County National (Panther Lake), Winter Garden / Orlando

23. PGA Golf Club (Wanamaker), Port St. Lucie

24. The Deltona Club, Deltona

25. Southwood, Tallahassee

26. TPC Sawgrass (Dye’s Valley), Ponte Vedra Beach/ Jacksonville

27. Ponte Vedra Inn & Club (Ocean), Ponte Vedra Beach/ Jacksonville

28. Reunion (Legacy), Orlando

29. North Palm Beach C.C., North Palm Beach

30. Walt Disney World (Magnolia), Lake Buena Vista

For more information about living and doing business in Florida, download our “Living in Florida” guide.


The Copyright Act

The Copyright Act | Copyright Law Attorney | Intellectual Property Lawyer Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, Florida

Under The Copyright Act of 1976, an owner of a copyright has exclusive reproduction rights, distribution rights, the right to create adaptations (derivative work), the right to prepare new works based on the protected work, and performance and display rights.

The owner may license or sell any of these rights for a profit. It is common for the owner to place certain limitations on how these rights can be used, such as the period of time in which they can be used, the number of times they can be used, the specific location in which the rights may be used, and more.

A good example of this is getting photographs from the internet. If you search Google images, most of those pictures are copyrighted. This is because copyright protection comes into existence when the protected work is created. However, certain photo-bank sites will license, or allow you to use, their photos if you give credit to the site or pay a fee for the pictures.

If you want to register your copyright, are wondering if you may be infringing on somebody’s copyright, or feel that someone is infringing on your copyright, contact Boyer Law Firm today. We can help you to enforce the Copyright Act.

10 Facts About Florida Wills

Estate Planning Attorney, Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami | Will Lawyer, Trust Attorney, Power of Attorney

Here are some Florida will facts you may not know…

  1. The Florida Supreme Court has a program in which lawyers are board-certified as specialists in the area of wills, trusts, and estate law.
  2. A person age 18 or older is of legal age to make a will.
  3. Florida law presumes a person to be of sound mind unless proved otherwise, and proof requires a fairly high standard.
  4. Florida does not recognize handwritten or joint wills.
  5. Mutual wills are an option in Florida but are best for couples who do not have children.
  6. Florida does not recognize nuncupative or deathbed wills.
  7. You can set up a trust for an animal’s care. Florida recognizes a vehicle for this known as the Florida pet trust.
  8. A prior will is only revoked by a new will to the extent the new will expressly states it revokes the prior will and is inconsistent with the prior will.
  9. A lost will is generally presumed to have been revoked by the testator.
  10. A will provision granting anything to a spouse is expressly revoked by statute once the parties are separated with intent to be permanently divorced, or their marriage is divorced, dissolved, or annulled.

If you need to create a will, trust, or have questions about estate planning, contact Boyer Law Firm today.

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