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In seeking to provide American companies with an equal opportunity to compete in international dealings with overseas businesses, the United States government is cracking down on the bribery of foreign officials through continued efforts to enforce the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.  Since enacted in 1977, the law has expanded its definition of “American” to include … Read more

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Illegal Workforce Punishment

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Boyer Law Firm, P.L.

Those convicted of harboring illegal aliens and using them for commercial gain are increasingly facing charges and even jail time.  In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2011, defendants were charged in an illegal worker scheme involving aliens from mostly former Soviet countries who were supplied to hotels as housekeeping personnel.  The defendants received prison sentences ranging from … Read more

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Social Media Discovery

Posted on September 24, 2012 by Boyer Law Firm, P.L.

While many people are now conscious of what they say in emails, the same does not always remain true for other forms of social media including status updates, tweets and instant messages.  As these methods of communication become more useful in today’s business world, courts have also recognized their importance to the discovery process. As … Read more

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Recently in some states, challenges facing non-English speakers are increasing in number as lawmakers are enacting English-only laws, justifying them by citing the expense of providing services to non-English speakers.  These laws affect areas as diverse as document production, proof of permanent resident status, housing codes (regarding the number of permitted inhabitants) and the search … Read more


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The most recent unemployment rate nationwide figures obtained from the Labor Department  between July,2011 and July, 2012 suggest that Florida has probably a better chance to overcome its unemployment problem compared to states like California and Nevada. According to The Wall Street Journal, not only Florida’s unemployment rate of 9.2% is lower, but its underemployment … Read more

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In addition to the struggle with mortgage payments, homeowners who are undergoing foreclosure have to spend hours submitting documentation to mortgage servicers only to be asked to resubmit more paperwork. Five of the largest mortgage servicers in the country have agreed to stop foreclosure abuses and issues with documentation. Some of the servicers have opted … Read more

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Most foreign property buyers have a legitimate interest in buying a property in the U.S. However, the increased number of scams in the real estate market from fraudulent out of state buyers have increased, causing title companies and real estate attorneys to lose time and money. How the scams are conducted: The first person that … Read more

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