Employers beware: Workers Who Drive While Using Cellphones Maybe Big Risks

Cellphone-related car crash rates continue to rise, and so does employer liability for workers who chat and drive on the job.

“The National Safety Council estimates that about 1.2 million car crashes each year involve drivers talking or texting on cellphones, a statistic that also means a greater number of lawsuits aimed at corporations that allow employees to talk or text while behind the wheel, the Washington Post reports.”

Jurors and Judges are more sympathetic to injured Plaintiffs who have injuries caused by cellphone-distracted drivers, and are awarding payouts in the millions for injuries—$21.6 million in one case. Employers should consider bans on talking or texting when driving, whether employees are operating a company vehicle or making business related calls while driving a private vehicle.

Big Law Firm, Big Bills, Same Result?

Big Law Firm’s in town are charging a pretty penny for litigation cases, in particular cases were the matter is uncontested. Smaller law firms, like Boyer Law Firm, charge a reasonable hourly rate compared to the $410.00 an hour in the Big law firm.

Big law firms are for certain types of cases, such as if your case involved complex security laws, major multi-district litigation or a multi-million dollars merger and acquisition deal. Big law firms are the result of the aggregation of knowledge in one place, often times, at the request and to serve the need of Corporate America, i.e. Ford Co., Coca-Cola etc… They are not designed around small businesses nor individuals, at least nor the typical individual whatever this means.

See below for a copy of some of the bills stated in pleadings recorded in Duval County for essentially an uncontested matter, meaning no discovery, no “court fights” etc…

Why Invest in Florida

Are you thinking about investing your money, in efforts to make more? Have you ever considered investing in Florida? Your answer should be, why not?

There are many reasons for you to think about investing in Florida, some of which are:

– As known to everybody, Florida tourism is on a roll and continues to pick up despite the economic impact. The industry grew up to $57 billion in 2011 with 86 million unique visitors and 1,013,100 people employed in jobs directly related to the trip. The number is expected to increase +2.5% for 2012.
– Florida is known as the sunshine state, so you can simply come and enjoy the sun, the beaches, and the luxuries of America.
– Florida is a state where the cost of living is low; the corporate tax is 5.5%, sales tax is 6% and there is no tax on personal income. For comparison purposes, if we consider the state of Delaware which is often cited as an exception, the corporate tax is only 8.7%, and the tax bracket is 6.95% on $60,000 income, it drops below 6.95% on income below $60,000, and there is no state sales tax.

– The State of Florida is also considered to be “transparent”. Governor Scott said: “Since my first day in office, I have committed to making sure the citizens of our state have access to the information they need to hold their state government accountable, I invite Floridians to view my e-mails, as well as those of my leadership team, to learn more about how we are working to make Florida the best state for businesses to grow and expand and create jobs.”
o In this sense, Governor Scott signed “The Florida’s Education Budget” into law this week, with $1 billion in State Education Funding, and recently signed the 2012 Job Creation and Economic Growth Agenda, which lowers taxes and creates a competitive advantage for Florida businesses. Surprisingly, the unemployment rate for March 2012 declined from 9.4 to 9.0.

If you have any questions whether practical (visa, installation, purchase or property, business, finance, etc) legal or logistics, please contact Boyer Law Firm. We will guide you through the pitfalls and the benefits on all levels, and will guide you in the right direction for your project.

North Port and Punta Gorda Markets are “Improving”

North Port is a city in southern Sarasota County, Florida, and Punta Gorda is a city in Charlotte County, Florida. Both the cities are showing an improving trend in the real estate market. Punta Gorda is continuing to move as a community with varied events and shows on many levels and hosting them.

The city is expected to bring in some new jobs given this trend of activities and events. North Port is being considered for industries like hospitality, education, health care and retails, etc which may mark an upward trend in the property market and the city’s development. 2012 could be the turning point in the housing market in North Port and Punta Gorda as believed by many. As also, real estate values will continue to rule for the foreseeable future.

If you are interested in purchasing, selling or closing on a property in North Port or Punta Gorda please do not hesitate to contact us, we are to help you along the way with the purchase, sale or closing of the real estate.

Information obtained from: http://realestatetoday.blogs.heraldtribune.com/12288/north-port-punta-gorda-markets-are-improving-says-nahb/

Bank of America offers new loan modifications that reduce principal

“Bank of America is sending out letters to potentially thousands of struggling Florida homeowners to let them know they may be eligible for a reduction in their loan balance that may save them up to 30 percent in monthly payments, the lender announced Tuesday. The latest loan modification offer is part of a $25 billion settlement involving Bank of America, four other major banks, 49 state attorneys general and federal officials. Bank of America officials said they had no immediate number of how many South Florida mortgage holders would be sent the letters; the heaviest concentration is in California and Florida, the largest of the hardest hit states. About 19,000 South Florida homeowners with Bank of America mortgages were at least 60 days late.”

To be eligible for the new loan modification, the Florida homeowners must have been at least 60 days behind on their payments on Jan. 31, 2012. They also must owe more on the mortgage than their home is worth today. Bank of America began reducing the principal on some home loans in March, first granting the reductions to homeowners already in a modification review process.

So far under this early initiative, about 5,000 trial modification offers have been mailed, providing a potential total of more than $700 million in forgiven principal. The homeowners are required to make at least three payments on time before the modification can become permanent.

If you are suffering in today’s housing market, please call us, we are here to help with your loan modification negotiation, short sales and foreclosure disputes.

This information was obtained from: http://www.floridarealtors.org/NewsAndEvents/article.cfm?id=275499