Online Protests Force Congress to Rethink Bills

Congress put two controversial bills on the shelf last week. The Stop Online Piracy Act (“SOPA”) and Protect IP Act (“PIPA”) received a lot of attention from the public. Over 13 million people made their voices heard, mostly online, and forced Congress to halt any votes planned for the two bills.

Many people viewed the bills as a restriction on the right to free speech and an obstruction to obtaining information online. The problem with many of the targeted websites and the information they allow visitors to obtain is that some of the information, programs, etc., that they have is not theirs and violates United States copyright laws.

On the other hand, many see the bills resulting from politicians attempting to keep campaign money flowing into their campaigns from certain companies; you scratch my back, I will scratch your back approach. Whether the bills came about because politicians genuinely want to protect the IP of people and companies, or because large campaign donors pressed them, something does need to be done to protect the IP of individuals, companies, and the United States government.

If Congress is able to rework the bills so they are less restrictive on internet users and still provide sufficient protection to holders of IP, then they may pass with relatively little public opposition. However, that remains to be seen. If Congress passes similar bills in the future, expect some changes to your internet experience.

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Mr. Boyer will be in France during the month of March 2012

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Boyer of Boyer Law Firm, P.L., will be traveling and available for a consultation in Nantes, France, from March 3 to 7, 2012 and Paris, France, from March 9 to the 15, 2012.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to meet Mr. Boyer for legal and professional advice in the areas of investment, real estate, immigration, business law or any other area of law within the United States that we specialize in please do not hesitate to contact us to schedule a consultation.

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Lending Increases Nationwide

Over the last month, the amount of loans have increased nationwide. Banks are not lending in one area either; they are giving loans out over the entire spectrum of American life. From student loans to car loans and business loans, it looks as though the economy may be getting a kick-start. Loans are not being given out to everyone who comes along however, banks are being cautious with who they award loans to. Banks are lending only to those individuals and those companies they deem worthy risks. Consumers and the like should take this as a good sign.

Rather than lower their standards in order to hand out loans to anyone who walks through the doors, the banks have taken a different approach. Banks are looking at whether a company or an individual has the credit necessary to handle the loan. If this slowly-but-surely approach continues, it may help increase the profits of lending organizations and enable them to award loans to others needing them. This may be good news for the housing market nationwide and particularly in Florida.

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Protect Yourself When Starting a Company

You can protect yourself from creditors and other legal hassles when starting a company and we can help. When you are ready to create a company, you can use what many refer to as a nominee director. A nominee director is a person other than you who allows the use of their name on the documents needed to create a company. Using a nominee director can help you “avert or slow lawsuits” and help to avoid other “costly legal situations.” It can slow a creditor’s progress when attempting to link you to the company because your name will not be directly associated with the company.

The use of a nominee director is completely legal and having us at Boyer Law Firm help you can create some added protection. Using an attorney to help set up a nominee director gives you the added protection of having an attorney-client privilege. In addition to the added protection, we can provide you with the legal documents necessary to allow you to conduct business on behalf of the company. For more information, please call our offices today. We will be happy to assist you with your business needs.

For more information about the attorney-client privilege, please read our blog from September 27, 2011 What you can do to maintain your attorney-client privilege.

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