Client was able to endeavor purchase of brand new quality car.

We have successfully represented Mr. F. in in securing his large deposit he made in order to purchase a new car. No proof had been illustrated by the seller to show our client that the car he was purchasing had in fact been ordered by the seller. We wrote a letter of demand to the seller requesting that the seller either provide the proof that the car had been ordered, deliver the car, or return Mr. F.’s $70,000.00 deposit. Our demand letter was sufficient to compel the seller to move forward with the sale of the car. With our help, Mr. F. was able to move forward in his endeavor to purchase a new car.

We will come back stronger! America is suffering but it is still the land of opportunity for investors

Millions of jobs have been lost and unemployment remains stubbornly high at just over nine per cent. Yet talk to the investment managers and financial strategists in their airy New York offices and a very different picture emerges.

Is it time to invest in America?

Bob Doll, the chief equity strategist at BlackRock and manager of funds including BlackRock US Dynamic, says that relative to other developed markets, the US is faring well.

‘The economy is growing at two per cent a year, more quickly than any thing that you see in Europe,’ he says. ‘Corporate earnings were up 15 per cent in the third quarter of the year. We’re the best house in a bad neighbourhood.’

Clare Hart, executive director at JP Morgan Asset Management and manager of investment fund JPM US Equity Income, says: ‘A significant number of companies are doing well selling into the global market. US companies, bolstered by record profits and significant cash hoards, are increasing their dividends at the fastest pace in seven years.’

Whitney George is co-chief investment officer at Royce & Associates, which specialises in smaller companies and manages Legg Mason US Smaller Companies fund.

He cites natural resources, technology and agriculture as three sectors of the economy that are strong. ‘In middle America, things are good,’ he says. ‘People selling blue jeans to farmers are doing nicely.’

Full Story:

Modern-day cattle rustlers strike in Florida

In what some say is a sign of the economic times, thieves have been making off with valuable cows.

Cattle rustling in South Florida is rare; The two Palm Beach County thefts are being called a sign of the economic times. A rash of thefts has cost ranchers in Southern and Midwestern states millions of dollars, with beef prices at relative highs in the last year.

“I would certainly say it’s trending upward,” said Jim Handley, executive vice president of the Florida Cattlemen’s Assn. “I am hearing of it occurring a little more in recent years than I have in the past 15.”

Unfortunately, economic times are upon us, and we must take preventative measures to protect ourselves during these times.

The complete article can be viewed at:,0,5270631.story

Clients almost lose their home until Boyer Law successfully closes on the short sale

A local Jacksonville realtor came to us for our help with Client G who was about to lose their home if they did not close as soon as possible on short sale. As the closing agent and attorney for seller we were able to negotiate with the Bank to extend the closing date and drafted all necessary documents including the HUD for the bank to approve. Once the bank approved the short sale closing, we were ready to close.

We closed on the property and the buyer and sellers including the bank were completely satisfied. It is so important to hire a Florida real estate attorney that knows specific laws and regulations in your area, such as Miami, Orlando or Jacksonville. Some of the main advantage points of hiring a real estate attorney is: Ensuring that you receive clear title to your new property; Drafting and explaining to you the appropriate documents; Finalize closing and register the deed in your name.

Sales of Inherited or Gifted Properties

Did you receive property by way of a gift or through inheritance and you are now looking to sell that piece of property? Are you unsure of what taxes will be assessed or if you need to report anything to the IRS? Do not worry, these are questions that many people have and they are questions for which many do not receive an answer. The simple answer is yes, a report must be made to the IRS. However, it is much more complicated than that.

There are a number of things that you must know about the property before you report and sell. If it was gifted to you, what was the amount of investment put into the property by the person who made the gift to you, how much was the property worth (fair market value) at the time the gift was made, and what gift taxes, if any, were paid on the property. These figures can be difficult to ascertain and keep straight and if the property was inherited, there are different questions that must be asked.

If the property was inherited, then the investment on the property will be deemed to be the fair market value at the date the owner died. However, this rule applies only to property belonging to people that died before or after 2010, different rules will apply to those who died in 2010.

If you have come into possession of property and are asking yourself these questions, it is most likely because you have lost someone near and dear to you. Do not worry yourself and stress yourself out thinking about these questions and rules. Call us at Boyer Law Firm, we will get the information we need from you so that we can worry about the questions you have. It is hard enough to deal with the loss of a loved one, let us deal with the rest.

Taxpayers Own 248,000 Homes, But They Don’t Live in Them

The government does not want to damage the housing market any further, but it also doesn’t know what to do. The federal government asked the general public for ideas on how to do deal with 248,000 homes that government has taken over along with Freddie Mae and Fannie Mac. The deadline to submit proposals was in mid September of this year. What was the result? The nation is still waiting to find out. At this point, the government is still mulling over several ideas, none of which have been put into action. What is the problem? For starters, the government can’t sell many of the homes right now for a number of reasons. One reason is that there really is not much of a market right now. Another reason is that a number of the homes just aren’t livable. In using the term livable, what it means is twofold: the homes are either not up to code and/or the homes are just not in “safe” neighborhoods. This is not to say that the neighbors are bad people, or that they are in rough neighborhoods; there are no neighbors. In certain areas, there are so many homes in neighborhoods that are vacant that once they become vacant, they are vandalized or worse. It’s not much of a neighborhood when there are no neighbors.

So what is the government going to do about it? That remains to be seen. One option the government is exploring is to create a rental partnership with private companies. Doing so will enable the homes to be kept up and eventually sold if and when the housing market returns to a level above where it has been the past few years. There are many questions to be addressed with such decisions. Will the rental or lease agreements be month to month, will those who rent the homes be forced out when the government or private company decide it is time to sell? If the government begins to go down such a road, these are just two of the many questions that need to be addressed. People have already lost their homes, once they begin to rent these homes, there needs to be something in force that can protect their interests so they do not end up without a roof over their heads.

Brazilian Official visits Boyer Law Firm

Boyer Law Firm is proud to announce its new contact with an official of the Brazilian government. Recently, the firm hosted Mr. Islano Vinicius Isaias Marques Nascimento. Mr. Nascimento works for the government in his northeastern region of Brazil as an international affairs assistant for the Coordination of International Relations. Some of his responsibilities are to articulate and promote the current and potential relations between his region and other countries. Such relations include economic, political, social, and cultural relations.

Mr. Nascimento works toward furthering a project created by the United States government aimed at enhancing the relationship between his region of Piaui and the United States. In doing so, he seeks out ways to promote Piaui in foreign markets in terms of industry, tourism, culture, business, and other areas. Mr. Nascimento visited Jacksonville recently looking for new and exciting places to extend his regions business networks. We enjoyed our time spent with Mr. Nascimento and we look forward to working with him and his country in the future.

Timeshare Fraud in Florida

Have you been the target of timeshare fraud in the past two years? If you have, you are not alone. The State Attorney’s office in Florida has received over 11,000 complaints of timeshare fraud in the past couple years and is trying to pass a bill that would further regulate the trade and give more protection to consumers and owners alike. It has become big business in the past few years due to a down economy and owners of timeshares, like many others, looking for some extra cash.

Many companies that have become involved in the scam have used telemarketers to call timeshare owners and tell them that there is an interested buyer. However, instead of having a written agreement for the owner to look over and sign, the telemarketers tell the owners that they will have to pay a fee upfront. Usually that fee is around $2,000 and after the payment is made, the deal is never completed. Do not let this happen to you, help is on the way.

The bill that the State’s Attorney General is trying to have passed will require there to be a written agreement for the timeshare owner to look over before paying any money. It will also allow the timeshare owners to cancel the agreement within seven days and receive a full refund of any payment made by the timeshare owner. This bill has not yet passed and if you feel that you have been taken advantage of by a company in a similar situation, then please call Boyer Law Firm, we are here to help.

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