Boyer Law obtains E-2 Visa with only $12,000 invested!

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to obtain an E-2 visa out of Italy for our clients, Mr. and Mrs. D. They had decided to live in Florida and submitted a list of documents we requested to compile their investor visa’s petition.

An E-2 visa, is otherwise known as an investor visa and entitles a foreigner to reside and work in the United States. Usually, we do not take cases with such a low investment. This case was a bit particular in the sense that the client had a list of signed contracts, and intellectual property. However, the contracts have not been fulfilled as their own clients did not pay on time. This delayed the submission of the petition.

Nevertheless, we moved ahead and were able to secure the visas for them.

Shall you need help, contact a Florida business immigration lawyer, at Boyer Law Firm handling E-2 investment petitions.

DHS Launches E-Verify Self Check

Self Check gives workers fast and secure access to their employment eligibility information before they apply for jobs. In this way, workers are able to identify whether there are any inaccuracies in their Social Security Administration or DHS records before they seek employment, and submit corrections for any inaccuracies ahead of time. Self Check also assists employers by reducing the number of tentative mismatches that could otherwise result when a worker’s government records are not updated.

Finally USCIS is being pro-active and addressing one of the majors criticism that has been used to bury the E-Verify system. The criticism was that because the databases were not accurate, that the whole system should not be implemented.

With the new E-Verify Self Check, individuals can actually access their own identifiable information and to prevent misuse of the service. For example, E-Verify Self Check uses an identity assurance process to confirm that the person attempting to run a check is who he or she claims to be to avoid fraud or abuse.

Beginning today, the E-Verify Self Check service is available to users who maintain an address and are physically located in Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Mississippi, Virginia or the District of Columbia.  For further questions please contact Boyer Law Firm.
Read more at: Self-Check E-Verify

Self-Check E-Verify

Auto insurance fraud ring busted in Miami

This article is from the The Miami Herald. It underlines why we pay so much in car insurance. Based on other indicators and study, about 10 to 15% of the car insurance premiums paid by Floridians are marked up to compensate for fraudulent payments.

“When the owner of a West Miami-Dade medical clinic schemed to bill insurance companies for staged auto accidents, she did not know that an undercover witness was secretly recording her, authorities say.

“Bring me good stuff,” Elsa Terrero, of New Horizon Practice, told a cooperating witness, according to an arrest warrant released Wednesday. “I control all the clinics in this building … you will get paid.”

Terrero was one of 25 people — including three doctors — charged Wednesday in a crackdown on “personal injury protection” fraud in Miami-Dade that officials say costs insurances companies millions of dollars each year, and ultimately raises rates for consumers. Terrero’s scam cost insurance companies nearly $800,000, though the amount is likely much more, officials said.

This is not a clinic. This is a fraud mill,” Florida’s Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said at a press conference Wednesday.

Many people see the insurance fraud as a victimless crime. It is not,” said Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

The ring was cracked by detectives from the state’s Department of Financial Services fraud division, and Miami-Dade prosecutors. PIP insurance pays for up to $10,000 in medical bills and lost wages, and Florida ranks as one of the top states in the country for staged auto accident fraud.

Terrero, 40, is charged with racketeering, grand theft, organized scheme to defraud and a slew of other felonies. The others face similar charges.

The undercover investigation began in November 2009 when a man named Martin Triana, secretly working with detectives, agreed to stage an auto accident at a red light in Liberty City, according to an arrest warrant.

Triana later went to the clinic, 7171 Coral Way, where he signed 25 blank therapy forms, which would later be submitted to insurance companies, and was later X-rayed by an unlicensed technician. Later visits resulted in no treatment, the warrant said.

The clinic later billed State Farm insurance for 40 therapy sessions. The clinic also billed the company for three visits with Dr. Gerald Amado, who never examined Triana; the doctor was arrested Wednesday.

Triana later recruited a man named Miguel Hernandez, who was actually an undercover detective using a fake identity. Hernandez played along in another bogus accident, the warrant said, and the result was that clinic billed Imperial Fire & Casualty Insurance Company for $20,225.24.

Scammers copy/paste entire college website

This article is from the Daily Mail. I had actually one case where the school had a website, fairly complete, but the school did not exist in reality. Like with this story, the goal was to receive “advance tuition fees” from foreign students.

“Choosing the right college is difficult.

It is even more difficult if you have to contend with fake college websites trying to scam you into handing over your money.

This is what a fictitious educational institute is being accused of – and not only that but also of ripping off a legitimate school’s website.

Homepage: The University of Redwood does not exist, the address they provide belongs to a mail-forwarding company Homepage: The University of Redwood does not exist, the address they provide belongs to a mail-forwarding company 

If you visit the websites for Reed College, in Oregon, and the University of Redwood, you will notice that they look uncannily similar. In fact, they look nearly identical, except for the names.

The WSJ reported that staff at Reed College recently discovered their school’s entire website had been duplicated by someone, they simply changed the name to University of Redwood.

Officials at Reed suspect the site is part of a scheme to collect application fees from prospective students in Hong Kong and Asia.

According to Martin Ringle, chief technology officer at the Portland college, after collecting a fee, ‘a shrewd scammer could wait several weeks, then issue a rejection letter’.

Real: Reed College have been forced to change their original homepage, until the Redwood site is taken down, though all the information is the sameReal: Reed College have been forced to change their original homepage, until the Redwood site is taken down, though all the information is the same 

He also said he had found serious mention of the University of Redwood on Asian higher-education blogs.

They are currently fighting to get the copycat website removed and though the web-hosting company Go Daddy temporarily shut it down, it has since been reinstated.

A Go Daddy representative said the site was re-enabled once they had ascertained that the ‘allegedly infringing material was removed’.

Their repeated requests to have the site shut down permanently have been unsuccessful, though Reed staff said they will keep trying until it is removed.

Everything – including the faculty pages, directory and photos of both campus and staff – were copied.

Last October, its administrators discovered that a Google search of Reed academics showed them also on faculty at University of Redwood.

They even stole Reed’s history.

The University of Redwood’s site reads: “Redwood is named after the Oregon pioneers Simeon and Amanda Redwood, whereas Reeds is named after Oregon pioneers Simeon and Amanda Reed.

Kevin Myers, a spokesman for Reed College, told the Wall Street Journal: ‘Our lawyers are seeking to shut the faux Redwood site down.

‘Whoever did this went to some trouble to clone a good deal of material from the first three layers of the Reed College site and change all mentions of Reed to Redwood.

Reed College is an exclusive school with annual tuition and fees of just under $50,000.

The University of Redwood website gives an address in Torrance, California, that belongs to a mail-forwarding company, said Mr Myers. The site lists only a fax number.

The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities said it was not aware of other such cases.