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In a case with international “flavor”, I argued that a $4.8 million dollars judgment entered against my clients was improper. My clients were living in France and were at that stage not defending the lawsuit. My clients were notified by regular mail of the final hearing to introduce evidence to determine the amount of damages … Read more

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“Floridians, who giddily track winter weather reports from the North, woke up Monday prepared to revel in their snow-free sidewalks and high-Fahrenheit fortunes. Another meteorological bullet dodged, chirped the snowbirds. Then they opened their front doors to a comeuppance: a bone-chilling blast in the 30s, from Fort Lauderdale to Jacksonville, that has become the new … Read more

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Neglect the paperwork. To create a legal corporate entity, articles of incorporation are filed with your state. But this is only the first set of paperwork your attorney must process. You still need to have an organizational meeting where you elect the board of directors (which in some states, like Florida, can be just you), … Read more

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